Exempt Employees vs Non Exempt Employees

I am kinda new to HR. I have an employee who is basically tired of clocking in and out and wants to be salaried. 

Here is the problem I am having....

I do not have a problem paying him salary. He is one of our department managers and oversees 2 employees.

How do I keep track of his PTO? Do I have to just relied on his honesty to let me know of his coming and goings? Any suggestions?


Thank you in advance,





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  • Many if not most employers do not deduct from leave banks for partial day absences.  It's an administrative pain and the practice is not popular with salaried employees.

    The employee's own desire not to clock in and out is not a great reason to change the method of pay.  You might chase down the history of why that person or that position is paid on an hourly basis.

    I would do a complete review of the position's duties before concluding it was exempt.  There are technical issues tied up in "department," "supervises," and "two."

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