Requiring Employee Signature on Timesheet

I am in VA and we are implementing an electronic time sheet system.  The employee will enter their hours in a password protected file on our server and the manager will then compile the information for payroll processing.  Are we required to have a signature on the timesheet (whether on paper or electronically)?  There seems to be some debate on this and can't find anything discussing it on the VA DOL website.

Thanks, Patti


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  • Even if you do not have a state statute or regulation requiring it, the signature is a good idea if it can be obtained without a high expense.

    The main reason is to get controversy out of the way BEFORE payroll is processed.  That's a real headache saver.

  • I am from upstate NY and our company just created an on-line time keeping system. The employee completes his time on line and at the end of the week after they have completed and verified their time they have to make an "X" in the box which then it sends it to their manager to review and approve their time and once the Manager makes an "X" in his box approving the time it is reviewed by HR and it gets processed for payroll.  We also have out timecard employees punching through the on-line system.  Hope this helps you.  We have a Macintosh system and Job Critical is where our on-line electronic time sheet system is captured.


    Our system is pretty complex as you have to enter your hours for what ever you are working on, i.e. if you work 1 hour on processing sales, calls, etc. each entry gets entered until you reach an 8 hour day or if applicable OT is also entered. 

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