Ultimate/Ultipro or ADP Workforce Now

We have been in the process of reviewing HRIS system.  We want one system that will be easy to process payroll for 7000 employees with only 5 payroll associates.  We want the system to communicate with our external vendors seemlessly.  We want the system to help manage leaves of absence and work related injuries.  We want Adhoc Reporting that is simple to use but powerful enough to impress the company Accountants.  We also want the best customer service available.

We are currently looking at the two vendors above.  If you have had any experience with either of them, I would like to know the good and the bad experiences you have had. 


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  • We have used a web based Ultipro for payroll only, not a full HRIS system.  The system is not all that user friendly and even simple payroll updates take multiple steps.  We have experienced several service issues as well.  The account manager we had didn't return calls in a timely fashion and questions went unanswered. 

    Unfortunately, I haven't used ADP to provide a comparison, but in the way we use Ultipro, I wouldn't want to use them again. 

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