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I have an employee that is filling in for another employee. This pay rate is higher…can I bump her pay rate while she is covering for this employee and change her pay rate back down to her regular pay? Somebody please help! And if you have a form to share that would be great!!


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  •  How long of a time period is it for?

    From a morale standpoint, that is a nice idea.  But I can bet that when you bump it back down, it will feel like a "takeaway", even if it was communicated as only temporary.   Plus once she is earning more, she will then probably think she is worth more since she can do the upgraded job. 

    Instead you might consider giving her a bonus at the end for her helpfulness and loyalty during the time period she is filling in.....I think you would get much  more good will out of it and it will be seen as an extra rather than an expected.


  • We adjust pay under certain circumstances. See if our policy is helpful: 
    Acting Duty/Assumption of Additional Duties:
    Acting appointments occur, at the discretion of a department director, when an employee assumes part or all of the duties of a higher level position that has been restructured or vacated due to resignation, termination, retirement or extended leave.
    Assumption of additional duties may also occur when an individual takes on specific programs or tasks outside the scope of their normal job.

    Acting Duty or Assumption of Additional Duties assignments may be formalized, and may include a temporary pay increase, when the acting appointment or the assumption of additional duties is expected to last 30 days or more. These temporary assignments are normally limited to one year. An acting appointment or assumption of additional duties may be extended beyond one year, with the written approval of the Director of Human Resources, based on justification provided by the Department Director.
    Acting appointments or the assumption of additional duties shall be documented in writing and shall be made a part of the employee’s official personnel file.
    Acting Duty Pay Actions:
    The City may provide additional compensation for employees in acting appointments who assume additional higher level duties due to resignations, terminations, retirements, extended leave, or who assume additional programs or responsibilities, based on the degree of responsibility assumed. Acting Duty Pay is at the discretion of the City Manager when recommended by the Department’s Director. Additional compensation, when approved, is normally expressed in a percentage of base pay.
    The salary of an employee who takes on all of the duties of a higher level position will typically be increased 10% or adjusted to the minimum salary of the grade in which appointed, whichever is greater.
    An employee who takes on all of the duties of a higher level position also takes on the conditions of employment of the position such as FLSA status.
    In exceptional situations an employee may be granted a temporary increase greater than 10% or the minimum of the range based on the recommendation of the Department Director, support of the Director of Human Resources, and approval of the City Manager.
    When less than full duties of a higher level position are assumed, or programs or tasks at a lower or equivalent level of responsibility, outside the normal scope of the job are assumed, the Department Director may recommend the amount of temporary, additional pay, if any, to the City Manager for approval. Typically, additional pay in this situation will be no more than 10% of current base pay.
    If an employee is receiving acting duty pay at the time an annual increase is awarded, the employee is awarded the increase based on the pay in effect prior to receiving acting duty pay.
    At the end of the acting status or additional duties, the employee’s pay will return to the level of pay in effect prior to the appointment to acting status or additional duties, plus any annual increases which the employee may have received.
    Acting duty pay is not a part of base pay
  • Thank you! that's what my boss and I were taking about it....I am looking for replacement so hopefully not too long.....


    thanks again! :)

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