Must EE disclose nature of disability to ER?

This is the first time I've encountered this.  If Annie, my employee, wants to have her doctor deal directly with our disability insurer on the insurance claim with respect to the paperwork related to the claim, is there a reason why I should insist she not? 

Typically we receive the disability application form from the EE and physician and send it to the insurer..  that way we can follow and push to have the check generated as quickly as possible to minimize any gap in salary continuation.  We have found that if we hand the form off and wait till it arrives at the insurer's it takes its sweet time getting there and the EE is left to suffer the consequences of delayed pay.

I have spoken with Annie in detail as to the nature of the disability, and she just does not want the documentation to be on site if she has any choice about it.  I would say it is because she feels it's a sensitive condition and doesn't want there to be any chance that documentation exists that she doesn't have control over.

Our policy doesn't cover this.  



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