Suggested time to keep a position posted?

Wording on the topic of Job Postings on this website indicates a position should remain posted for 10-15 days. Is this really the standard? Is there a "legal" minimum? I've heard that it should be for no less than 5 days but am unable to find anything specific.


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  • Are you talking internally or externally?  Most corporate policies I have seen for internal job postings required at least 5 business days.  I have also seen some that required the posting internally to remain up as long as the posting was out there externally (job boards, etc.)


  • I do not believe that there is a legal "rule" per se (unless you are subject to either a CBA or other contractual posting requirements). I think reasonableness is the standard, based on either an employer's policy, access to postings, the type of job posted, etc. Any posting time that either is or gives the appearance of being a farce/designed to thwart applicants will be subject to challenge. As a result, the 2-3 week standard (10-15 days) is probably very safe. I would do at least 10 days.
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