Touchy issue need advice PLEASE

As I browsed further I think my post may be better posted here... Sorry for the double post. Any HR advice will be greatly appreciated. 


We have an office of about 7-8 people. We have 3 bathrooms
on each end of the hallway.  I moved to a
different office and started using the other bathroom. Every month like clock
work the same person has her “red-headed Aunt” come for a visit.  (Red-headed Aunt=Her Menstrual Period). This
is the grosses thing I have come across in my work history! It is all over the
toilet seat and the floor.  I am not
exaggerating when I say there is a mess!  It's basically like she uses her tampon as a paintbrush and
goes to town on the toilet. Of these 7-8 people 4 are
women.  The
first time this happened that
I found it I cleaned it up, because Oh My God, I didn’t want anyone to
think it
was me! Now, keep in mind that men and women share this bathroom. When
it kept
happening, finally I said to one of the other women, I want you to know
that was not me!!! She says Oh My God, we know who it is, its XXX and
its been
happening for a long time! All of the guys know about this too~ how’s
that you
say? Well one of the guys went to use the bathroom, lifted the seat to
urinate, and
OMG the blood was all over underneath the toilet seat and got all over
his hand!
Can any man imagine that happening to him! You can’t imagine my shock
and embarrassment
for XXX as a woman I wanted to talk to her woman to woman, but this
being such
a sensitive area, and she is not in my department or one of my
employees, I felt I had to go to my boss, a man! (He is the Director of
our Dept)  How uncomfortable was
that! I told him that the other women have been cleaning this monthly
mess up
for over a year now and I WILL not partake in cleaning “a bloody mess”
someone else! We were told it was handled and should not happen
again. Ok, we were all happy right? Well, its a month later now, and
her “Red-Headed Aunt” is back for
a visit! How do I know this you ask? Well the toilet and floor are all
F’d up
again! The sad part is NONE of the GUYS leave any kind of mess! WTF?

just cant believe that this is happening and have never, never came
across this and have no idea how to handle it! Any, suggestions, advice
or input would be much appreciated!
Thankx Crying


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