Conveying "Making Work Pay" tax credit information to employees.....

In an effort to aid our employees (and reduce the phone calls coming into our department) we are putting together an "article" regarding the "Making Work Pay" tax credit to put in our next company newsletter. Has anyone else done this yet? I will probably post the Publication 919 "How Do I Adjust My Tax Withholding" on our company intranet, but I am having trouble "dumbing it down" so it's not in the typical IRS lingo....... I want them to understand that they need to check their withholdings and give them the tools to do it, but how do I hit the highlights by keeping it simple but at the same time impressing on them that they really need to make sure they aren't hurting themselves when it comes time to file taxes next year? We adjusted our withholding tables last month, so we are good to go on our end.


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