COBRA Provision & Dental Coverage...?

Does anyone know if the premium subsidy applies to dental coverage as well?  I have a couple employees that were involuntarily terminated that only had dental coverage and I'm not sure if I should send the required notice to them.  Also, I have employees that had both health and dental and I am not sure if I need to include the dental rates in the required notices.  Please help!  Thanks :)


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  • I got the information below from BLR's COBRA publication, Steps to Compliance. Based on this, your former employees with dental coverage should get the required notices.
    Premiums for coverage under most COBRA-applicable group
    health plans are eligible for the subsidy. This includes dental and vision plans, as well as reimbursement
    accounts. However, flexible spending arrangements provided through a cafeteria plan
    are not included. In addition, health savings accounts (HSAs) are not covered, but the high
    deductible health plans associated with an HSA are covered.
  • The subsidy applies to ll medical, dental, and vision plans.  Flex Spending accounts are excluded as are supplemental plans, such as long-term disability.
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