I just started a new HR position recently and I am trying to get all the employee folders organized as well as doing general cleanup of all filing systems etc...

We have many employees who work outside of the building at consumer's homes and we receive timesheets every week for hundreds of workers. T

I was hoping to implement a system using an internet based timesheet program where every employee inputs their time to a website online, which would work perfectly seeing as how the payroll software we currently use already has an online program for this. I do realize that not everyone has internet access in their homes or in the consumer's home in which they work so I know that there could be some problems with implementing something like this.

I was just hoping to hear some feedback from everyone... Do you use an online timesheet reporting program? If you do, what software do you use? What are the positives and negatives that you have come across? Or anything else that you think would be helpful for me. Thanks!


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  • We use a software-based system that's only accessible inside our building.  We have terminals set up throughout the building so that people who don't use a computer as part of their job can punch in and punch out.  When employees travel we have them send their hours in an email to their supervisors who then enter the hours into the system.
  • In the past, I have used an online HRIS called NetChex.  They were pretty good when it came to time reporting, etc.  Each individual had a logon that allowed them to clock in and out.  Managers, HR, etc. could check these times throughout the day to ensure compliance.  They also served as a payroll provider and it proved to be a very useful program.  Not as expensive as ADP and the others and very easy to use.  Might want to check them out...
  • We use an on-line timekeeping system that's part of our HR and accounting software.  Our employees can log in from any computer in the world, as long as they can get to the internet.  It's a secure system.

    We did have a few employees that did not have internet access so they simply continued to submit paper timesheets.

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