My firm is thinking of allowing some employees to work from home.  I have two concerns about this.  First, what is our liability for workers' compensation if the employees get hurt while working at home?  Second, how do we keep track of hours--they are nonexempt and I don't want' to be surprised by overtime claims.  Has anyone else had experience with this?


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  • We have three telecommuters in our organization and we have found it to be very productive.  As far as the WC and hours there must be a certain level of trust that exists with these employees regarding their hours or WC claims.  As you have probably already found out there are many other considerations than just these, system security, type work being done.  In the state of NY there are certain types of industry related work that is prohibited to done at home or there might be certain permits and/or certificates that the employer must have. 

    My telecommuters send their hours in to me each week, but overtime is not an issue for me as they are only part-time. I sure there are programs available that will allow you to track the hours worked through the computor or phone systems... (I'm not sure what industry your in so I'm not sure what type work at home they would be doing)  Telecommuting has become very popular, so I pretty sure that there are others out there that have found answers to your questions.

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