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Is it illegal to request employees to give the employer their cell phone number?  If not, is it reasonable to request them to give their home and cell phone numbers to the employer?



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  • No it is not illegal to request this information.  You can request the information so that you can contact them in the case of an emergency (i.e. weather related).  I have to ask why you are asking these questions.  If you are getting push back from your employees then they may be wondering what you are doing with the information. If you are keeping just for the company to have in case of an emergency, that is one thing, but if you want it so you can get a hold of them on off hours or for their subordinates can contact them then they may have a reasone to give push back.  If you want to be in contact with the employee at all times and want their employees to contact them then it may necessitate the company purchasing a cell phone/blackberry for this employee.  Employees now are very hesitant to give this information because of identity theft and also that they want to be left alone on off hours.


  • This is for emergency purposes only.  We recently had to cancel a company sponsored outing due to bad weather.  Unfortunately we could not reach some employees due to inaccurate phone numbers or not being able to reach them at home.
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