Work just got crazy

If I am not here as much OR late at night, please know that I am still checking in, just not as often.

 We, as of Wednesday, have taken over another company which will pretty much double the total size of the other three companies I do HR and payroll for.  Yesterday, I went through almost 100 employee files (for all employees who have worked or are continuing to work for the company in 2008). I haven't even looked at prior ee files.

 I have found some major issues (I-9s not totally filled out although the info exists), ee files missing key forms (I-9, W-4s, etc).  One exempt employee not making the minimum $455 a week, etc.  Oh, the prior person didn't see the need to keep up with either hire dates OR term dates! ARGH!  So now I get to go back through payroll records to find first and last paychecks just to get a timeframe! ARGH!

 But honestly it is pretty exhilarating for this to have happened this fast. We did have a small idea that it might happen, but it depended on the prior owners agreement....which was tenuious at best.  I have less than 2 weeks before I process the first payroll....

In 2009, we will fall under FMLA after the 20th I may be asking for help with forms, policies etc.  I have done a lot of research on it, but now to apply what I have learned will be fun. Many of the employees won't meet the employee eligibility although we will meet the employer eligibility.



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  • HRforME, sounds like you have your work cut out for you!!  But I know that out of any of us, you are up to this challenge. Payroll is your baby and you know it like the back of your hand.  You will have everything in tip top shape in no time.  This is definately going to be a challenge, but I have faith that you will succeed.  Good luck! 
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