Interesting things on a Resume

I know we have had a posting like this in the past, but this was too good not to pass along:

The Objective from an IT resume I read this morning:

I can give you the same deceiving, dissembling tripe that you've undoubtedly read
countless times before, about how I'm an "energetic worker who thrives on high-pressure
situations", or how I'm "eager to expand my professional horizons in a challanging and
fast-paced environment", but let's dispense with the mendacious, self-serving, hyperbole
and get right to the point: I want a job and I am damned good at what I do. So, if you
want the job done correctly, on-time and under-budget, by a reliable, competent and
experienced technologist who takes ownership and lives up to the trust vested in him, be
smart and hire me; otherwise, do please play the fool and hire some prat from a 6-month
vocational training program who'll screw up your business systems and walk away to his
next job, laughing, with your money in his wallet. 

Anyone else read anything to good not to pass along?


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