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Fellow HR Professionals-

 I am seeking information from anyone (especially Texas-based HR professionals) that may have recommendations for good resources in recruiting high-level IT professionals (i.e. .Net, SQL, System Engineers, Voice Engineers-Cisco Voice Tech, etc.). 

 Your assistance is greatly appreciated and hope you all have a great weekend!


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  • I am not in Texas (I am on the East Coast) but I do IT recruiting (Systems Engineers - Microsoft, Security, Storage; Pre-sales Engineers) so here is what I do:

    Great success with Dice and  I just started using Jobfox so we will see how that goes. I have also posted an ad on Linked In and got a couple of responses (one we may actually make an offer to).  I have also posted ads on Craigs List.

    I post ads and also have search agents out for Dice and Careerbuilder.  The majority of my hires from these two sources have been from resumes that have come up with the key words that search everyday for me.  I then contact the candidate about their resume.

    Hope this helps! 

  • Thanks for the information IT HR; it is much appreciated.
  • I have had good success hiring Director level technology people out of Craigslist.


    I happen to know two higher level people who would entertain offers right now.  If you want to send me some information on your open opportunities, I can pass it along.

  • DH suggests the regular Monster and Dice as the places most of his IT guys go. He is in the Houston IT marketplace. He is a senior-level project manager.

    However, his last 3 positions (high turnover field) have been found through direct relationships...for example, the company he is currently with was one that he had worked for as a consultant through an IT consulting firm. The one he is going to in August is one where his current company brought in a consulting group and he formed a relationship with them. He was not looking to leave and would not have spoken with them except for the fact that his current company is experiencing major layoffs and he was on the list.  Most of the interviews/soft job offers he got (you know the "we've got a job for you anytime you want it") were from direct relationships based on previous work.

    Therefore I would strongly suggest talking to current IT employees or even high-level IT professionals at other companies that you have access to due to relationships (church, neighborhood, professional groups, etc)

    DH has NOT had good experience with IT recruiters.  Because honestly, they are playing and selling both sides.

  • I'm on the East Coast, but recruit quite a few IT people across the country.  We have had great success with Hidden Network & LinkedIn.  Dice has proved useless as every individual applying is not located in the US for some may be a better tool for recruiting IT people abroad.



  • I recently posted an IT position in various websites and the best results came through  I also received a lot of talented applicants through craigslist but you have to make sure your posting is really detailed in terms of telecommuting, recuriters, contract work, relocating etc or you will spend hours sorting out the emails from companies offering their services from all over the world.  I ultimately hired an applicant from Dice, but I must say it was one of the toughest positions to fill because the candidate pool fro tech positions in my area is very limited.

     Good Luck!

  • RemX staffing has an IT division that focuses on Project Management, Business Analysis, ERP, Business Intelligence, Data Management, Data Security, Enterprise, Applications, Web Applications, Infrastructure Management, Technology Deployment,Network Architecture and Administration. They also have a technology staffing career center.  
  • What sort of resources do you need?
  • I am in search of a Senior Cisco Voice Engineer.  I have a JD available if you would like to email me directly at  Any help in this regard would be much apprecaited.
  • I have seen a lot of Cisco and also VoIP resumes on lately. 
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