Paid $1,000 to quit after one week?

check this article:


I understand the desire to obtain and retain only the most committed employees, but what is to prevent a large amount of people siging up with the plan to quit from the beginning? I mean, $1,000 isn't bad for one week. Where do I get an application?[:D]


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  • I'm sure some seek the job for the offer to quit.  However, it's interesting to note that their offer to quit has gone up over the years, which suggests their metrics support the practice.  I guarantee you some executive, possibly the CFO, has to be convinced this practice works and they need something more than verbal assurances and war stories.

    This reminds me of a Dilbert cartoon I cut out yesterday to explain why I nix some of the comp plans that people put before me.  In the cartoon, dogbert walks up to a woman and says, "I'm from the Dogbert Rumor Control Service.  People are saying Ted is an exotic male dancer on weekends.  I know it isn't true because he spends all of his free time in a terrorist training camp."

    "Isn't that worse?"

    "I get paid by the rumor.  It's not a perfect system."

    This is, in essence, what the insurance industry calls moral hazard: but I think it could work for Zappos if they have an appropriately rigorous selection methodlogy to prevent job offers going out to quitters.

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