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We are thinking of implementing some type of flexible work scheduling to allow employees to work varied hours rather than the standard 8-5.  I'm just curious if any of you that have this benefit can give me your opinion/suggestions on what worked or didn't work for your company.  Thanks!!


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  • We have flex scheduling based on each office and group/dept at the manager's discretion rather than individual.  It works well because we have very few non-exempt employees and so record keeping is minimal.  There is also a perception of fairness because it is based on the group's needs rather than some individual's having flexibility and others not. Everyone is expected to work a 7.5 hour work day regardless of when they arrive to work.
  • We have very flexible hours. Generally exempts work at least 40 hours a week, but come in anywhere from 6:00am to about 8:30 am.  Often, they have to adjust their flex schedule for meetings (such as the Monday morning meeting which starts at 8:00am, so anyone who usually comes in later, has to adjust).

    Non exempts also have flex schedules, but around here, that usually means they start early and leave earlier than a normal schedule (6:30am to 3:30pm).

    We have two exempts (myself being one) who work less than 40 hours per week.  My salary/PTO when I was hired was prorated since I work a 30 hour a week schedule (although there are times I go over that amount).   If there was enough work for me to extend to a 40 hour a week job, I would definitely ask for an increase. But my wages work well for the hours I put in.  My CEO claims that I work 50 hours in 30, but it's more like 40 in 30.  I tend to be a very productive person.

    The other exempt works til 3:30 at the office and then does 1 hour of work each day at home and makes a full salary.

    There are a few positions that have very standard hours...those being the office admin positions (receptionist and accounting clerk) that cover the phones and front desk.

    It works for us.  But we only have 25 or so employees and no one abuses the privilege.  If they did, it would be revoked.



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