Criminal Background Checks - Missouri

We are in the process of creating the policy and process for conducting pre-employment criminal background checks.  Does anyone have resources/experience with this in the metropolitan St. Louis area?  My preference is to use a local vendor.  I appreciate any input.


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  • We do our background checking through ADP Screening & Selection Services.   It is web based so not dependent on location.  You don't need to use their payroll service to use this service.  We do both a criminal & credit check. Hope this helps, Pete
  • We use ADP as well.  It is pretty affordable since they charge per check rather than a monthly fee.
  • One thing to remember before you do background checks is to check state law.  A number of states have limitations on what information an employer can use to make a hiring decision.  If you use a service like ADP, you would hope that they could help you with this.

    A report that I have that is supposed to have the limitations for all 50 states says for Missouri:

    Prohibited against inquiring into arrests and employer to inquiry only about convictions substantially related to the job. 


  • Don't forget about Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance.  Background checks have been equated with consumer reports so there's some bureaucracy to go along withthe process.  Anybody you use should be comfortable addressing any FCRA questions and provide you with the necessary documents (e.g., permission form).
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