some help would be appreciated

            Recently I
lost my job after 16 years due to a move of some production to Mexico.
The government offers a program for people who have lost jobs due to trade. One
of the things I need to complete to be eligible for the training is job
research. The field I worked in was industrial management. I was a front line
supervisor. I am currently looking to complete my degree in management to
assist with find a similar job that I left.


            What I need
is some interview questions answered by company representative that is
responsible for doing the hiring or has input on the employees chosen for a
management position. It would not need to only be an industrial position but
and type of management position.


            Your help
would be greatly appreciated. The question listed one through seven is all I
would need answered and contact information for the person answering them. The
contact info would only be given to the TAA representative at the unemployment


question and answers can be sent to me in a e mail.

Thanks Will

Phone 812-204-2132








Contact Person Name


Phone Number


1 What type of training is most
desired in a new employee?


2 Briefly describe the typical duty


3 What is the entry and average


4 What are the advancement


5 What general benefits do you

medical, vacation time, retirement,
sick days, other


6 How many openings do you
anticipate in the next 2 years?


7 What are the positive and
negative aspects of this occupation?


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