How to Find a Technical Recruiter

Good information.  Also, this guy has been referred to me by several colleagues.  Thought I’d pass it on.

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3 Tips on How to Find a Technical Recruiter



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  • I agree with the author of this article about poor communication.  Part of the reason I am really reluctant to utilize outside recruiters is because of a couple of things: 1.) They don't take the time to understand the requirements for the position I am trying to fill and send me candidates that don't match these requirements 2.) Send me candidates that are looking for a position completely different then what I am searching to fill and 3.) Send me candidates that they have sent to 15 of their other clients so when I make an offer to them I am competing with these other people (the recruiting firm doesn't care because they are going to get paid from one of their clients that ultimately hires this person).

    Recruiting firms say that they will save you time and ultimately money but if you are having to go through candidates that don't match your requirements and/or don't like the position you are offering them then I might as well do the searching myself and save the company thousands of dollars.

    Don't get me wrong, there are some good recruiting firms out ther.  You just have to really do your homework to find one that works for your company.

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