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I work for a staffing firm - what do people think about having our client check one of our employees references?

 Do you see any co-employment issues?


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  • I suspect it totally depends on the service agreement that is between the staffing firm and the client. Without seeing that, I would be hesitant to answer such a broad question. If you have a question, I would take that service agreement to an attorney, even possibly the one that wrote it in the first place.

    Some questions that might matter:

    (1) Is this employee going to be staffed at the client? Or is this employee just going to be doing staffing for the client? The specific relationship itself might play into the answer.

    (2) Who is currently responsible for background/reference checks? What about this employee bothers the client enough that they want to check references? Have you had issues with sending them bad staff? Are they going to check every new staff members' references? Sounds like there is a trust issue.

  • We have a co-employer relationship with an agency and recently used a temp in a position that would handle money; the agency was able to share her reference checks with us because we had the co-employer relationship.  If we did not have that relationship, they would not have given us a copy of the report, rather would have verbally shared only relative information.  <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    Employees sign an agreement that their information can be shared (in reference to checks).  I would look at your reporting agreement and see the language it uses. 


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