I went to a lunch presentation today for  It is a relatively new job board that was created/founded by the original founder of  He sold Careerbuilder, waited out his non-compete and then started up this new job board.  It is geered more toward the passive job seekers that are in white collar positions (accounting, tech, marketing, mgmt, etc.).  They have put a lot of protections in place so that the candidate can remain anonymous if they want to.  Their research suggests they only have a 20% overlap of candidates that are currently on Monster and Careerbuilder. 

Employers can post positions on the site and also search for job candidates.  That is all part of the package price.  You are allowed unlimited searches, unlimited postings, unlimited users to the system. 

They say it takes a candidate about 1 hour to complete his/her profile because they ask extensive questions to be able to match the skill sets of the candidate to particular jobs. 

I was curious if anyone had used this job board before or know of anyone that has?  The presentation was actually very well done.  It seems like they really thought out what employers do and don't like about the major job boards and tried to make a new one that was better.


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