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I am a newbee so be gentle...:-)

What is the best way to get employers and recruiters to post their jobs on a new site?

I am not an hr pro, but would like to get advice from some.  We are launching a high profile site for creative professionals (artists, photos, graphics, etc...).  We already have thousands of members from over 50 countries prior to our launch and this should be the leading resource for creative pros in the next year.  My partners are leaders with major Madison Ave and tech companies like Microsoft. 

Our community wants to see jobs specific to their industry.  We have created a Craigs list style job board.

1. It's free to members and job posters

2. We are launching in January.

3. Our members are world-class quality who work for major companies all the way to students.






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  • David -

    The first thing I was going to say (but you are already doing it) is to make the postings free for a limited time.  People are more willing to try something new if it is free.

    The second thing is go to the organizations whose members are part of the group of job seekers and employers you are targeting.  They may send out something to their members about a new free service. 

  • In order to get me to post my job on your board, you are going to need to prove to me that I am going to get value for my money.  I want to know your success rate and whether or not your board is relevent to my location.  With advertising costs being what they are, I'm going to spend my money where I know I will get the most bang-for-the-buck.

    Since your board is specific to creative professionals and at the same time encompasses a broad range (the entire world) I would think that the best place for you to begin is going to be with your membership. 

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