Unexcused Absences

Just curious if anyone specifies what an unexcused absence is in their handbooks.  We have a statement about unexcused absences and not applying paid benefits to them, but don't really explain what constitues "unexcused."  Anyone have suggestions or samples?



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  • We define what an excused absence is and then state that anything that does not fall under excused is not excused.

    Excused Absence<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    Excused absence occurs when all of the following conditions are met:

    ?         The employee provides sufficient notice to his supervisor (See Sufficient Notice below)

    ?         The supervisor finds the reason for absence to be credible or acceptable. (See Unexcused Absence below)

    ?         Such absence request is approved by the supervisor

    ?         The employee has sufficient accrued PTO to cover such absence

     Unexcused Absence 

    Unexcused absence occurs when any one of the four conditions above is not met. Employees with 40 hours of unexcused absence are subject to termination (See Progressive Discipline for Unexcused Absences below).

  • You might want to check with your state department of labor (or hr.blr.com) and see if your state has any "small necessity" laws--such as being allowed to attend a school meeting for a child--and add these to your list of excused absences.

  • We have an occurrence based no-fault attendance policy because determining the "excused" / "unexcused" status of absences started to become its own mini-profession.
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