Writing skills test

Does anyone have a writing skills test that they would share? 


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  • I think the test should be based on exactly what type of writing the position requires. For example, we have some employees who must "decode" legal documents and court decisions into writing that our customers can understand. For these positions, we give the candidate a short but complex case decision and ask them to write a paragraph or two on the meaning of the decision and the effect it would have on our customers. In so doing, we can see how the candidate writes, how they interpret information as important (or not) and what they think our customers are interested in. It is very effective. I have also worked in places where the writing test was theme based for a more creative writing atmosphere. For example - write a two paragraph essay on "the effect of the internet on recruiting" This type of writing shows the person's creativity and ability to write interesting, cohesive material. The theme can be more or less complex, depending on the position.
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