Workers Compenstation

I am looking for trainings / courses thin workers compensation that start from the basics.  Do you know of any seminars or online courses / trainings?  I am in upstate NY.  Thank you.


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  • There are lots of vendors out there that put on training programs on workers compensation--some, I'm sure, are better than others. You might check with your insurance carrier and/or the states business and industry association. Sometimes an association will offer training or have information on resources. If you have a subscription to this web site they do have some training materials for supervisors on workers' compensation, which might be a place to start. If you are administering the workers compensation program, you may need something more about handling claims.
  • Another resource is to talk to your local SHRM chapter.  Some of the members may be able to give you tips and guidance for workers compensation that are applicable to your state/area. 
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