Off Duty Conduct


Has anyone had experience with this type of situation, and do you have a strongly-worded policy dealing with off-duty conduct that you would be willing to share with me?

The situation is this: nonprofit agency - social services - hired a sexual health educator.  It was discovered (not at work, or on work equipment) by another employee who reported it to HR/ED, that this educator has a personal website that is pornographic in nature - apparently very explicit (not illegal), and he is very popular/notorious and apparently well-known on the Internet for it, and it endorses the very lifestyle that he educates the agency clients to NOT engage in, so it's a conflict for sure, as far as agency public image, his position/job duties etc. I've looked into all the legal aspects and I understand that it's not a problem for the employee to be terminated (that's what the agency will be doing) and we are at-will (FL) etc. and the type of off-duty conduct is not legally protected etc. 

My question is if anyone has had similar experiences and do you have any tips on how best to deal with this type of situation, which is coming up more and more, what with all the blogging sites, MySpace and Facebook type sites, and does anyone have a good policy sample to share.  I did draft one which is pretty complete but I purposely left it a bit vague, but I was asked to make it more specific to dealing with this type of growing problem situation, even from the hiring point-of-view - we work with many nonprofits who seem to be having this type of problem more and more.




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