Minimum job history requirements

We would like to implement a new criteria into our interviewing process. We would like to "disqualify" or "weed out" applicants who are job hoppers because from past experience they do not stay long at a job if hired. Our hiring process takes about 3 weeks (i.e., passing written tests, drug test, physical, etc.) and the cost spent in putting them through the hiring process is more than the amount of time they stay at the job.

We would like to eliminate applicants who have worked less than 1 year at each employer within the last 5 years or have more than 3 jobs within the past 5 years.

Does anyone have a "standard" process they follow when interviewing applicants? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  • i think this type of blanket policy would be problematic. work history is a factor you should consider and changing jobs frequently should send up red flags,  but there are also other factors that should carry weight.  why is the applicant changing jobs so frequently?  is it over pay? benefits? lack of a challenge?  problems with a manager? one of my siblings has changed jobs almost every 18 months since graduating college and is now back with a company he worked for a few years ago.  why did the company hire him back?  they didn't want him to leave in the first place. the company also realized he liked to be challenged and has made sure his new position does that.
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