Vacation Days

Our company offers 5 days of vacation after your first calendar year, 10 after your second calendar year and then 15 after 5 years.  I am trying to find out what the norm is in our industry.  We are a wholsale food and restaurant supply warehouse in the likes of SAM's CLUB, BJ's or COSTCO's except we only cater to businesses and not to the general public.


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  • Although I'm not in your same industry, it sounds like we may need lots of the same kind of workers (which is what I would look at -- not necessarily just same industry -- industries that need the same kind of workers): We have a huge need for clerical and blue collar workers (heavy lifting, driving forklifts, etc.). We offer two weeks years 1-2, 3 weeks on your third January 1, 4 weeks on your 10th January 1 and 5 weeks on your 20th January 1.

     Hope this helps.


  • Thanks, Lexigirl.  It does help specially when we are looking at our Management Positions. ( I should have clarified that in the e-mail).  Our blue collar workers are unionized.  It seems we have to step up the vacations.
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