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Hi - I'm looking for suggestions to give to an employee who's struggling with multi-tasking, follow up, etc.  She's really good at other aspects of her job (customer relations, etc.) so I'd like to see her succeed.  I have a couple tools I use for tracking info, but I'd like to give her some options to see what might work best for her.  Thanks!


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  • How about some training? There are a zillion courses out there for this type of thing, and many are pretty effective.
  • Is it prioritzing that is a problem?  Or just multitasking as a whole.  There are many different organizing programs out there... (I use my outlook to keep track myself) as for prioitizing etc there are different training programs and seminars out there that might work in that area.

  • Does she realize that she is not good at this or that it is a problem?  If she doesn't realize there is a problem, I would let her know that this is an area you feel needs improvement.

    I would agree that training is necessary and there are some very good programs available.  I also use my outlook plus me desk calendar for keeping myself on track.

  • Have you an assement done that shows she is able to multi task? There are some folks who must complete one project before moving to the next. There are some that can be trained but some cannot if you really mean multi task the way I am taking it. What is it she is not doing or following thru with? We utilize a project log for tracking and follow up to compliment our calender and our daily activity schedule. One place we bought these cheap little pocket notebooks, it was a memory issue with the team leaders in production. Those little books are still used and really help.
  • I've heard the Franklin planner people put on an awesome seminar on how to priortize and plan and such.  I've never gone myself but I've heard from other co-workers it was very helpful to them.

     Personnally, I survive with my Outlook calendar, a normal desk calendar (to cover personal and business), and lists in Excel.  I have to follow up on a lot of work comp claims (currently I have about 80 open claims) so I list the person I need to follow up on in one column, the date I need to follow up on them in the next column, and the last column I list what I need to follow up on (doctor's notes, confirm hearing dates, confirm return to work dates, etc.).   And then I can sort the the spreadsheet by the date the follow up is due so I can easily see what I need to do today, tomorrow etc.  It's a really basic way to track info, but it works.

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