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I read this article yesterday about the supposed growing importance of--and demand for--business cards. (It's a $1.2 billion industry!) That wasn't such a surprise, though what the article said about new technologies was.

Apparently  there is a growing popularity of "infrared business cards" that are "transferred via digital assistants".  Say what?

There are ones with images superimposed on them (that can only be seen at an angle, etc) and ones with  "computer chips that can be plugged into a personal computer to download catalogs or company information"(!) The article can be found here:

I have not seen any business cards like these. Am I way behind the times here? Are you getting cards (from candidates, etc) that have technologically-advanced business cards, or mostly the old-fashioned print ones?  Just curious I guess.

Another funny thing from the artilce is that people are also using these business cards for the dating scene, in order to leave an impression with someone you meet.  With everything going paperless these days, it's nice to know that this is at least one  paper product that isn't going to die out any time soon!




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  • i haven't seen any of these new business cards. in fact, an applicant called last week to tell us he had made a mistake on his application by giving us the wrong phone number.  maybe any business card would have helped him.
  • Hey, look at this.  Putting gift certificates or coupons on the back of the business cards!

  • Thus far i have not seen any of these high tech business cards. I noticed recently when asked for one of my wifes business cards that cards in general are becoming over abundant. I pulled out my wallet to get her card and it took me a solid minute to get it. I passed my drivers license, SS card, Fishing license, Gamestop discount card, 2 business cards i had been given from random individuals, not enough cash, my truck insurance card, my own business cards, a debit card from my part time job on the side, my Best Buy credit card, My Best Buy discount and point card, a pizza hut gift card, a card from subway for buy 10 this and get that free and a card from my favorite mexican resturaunt offering the same. After this finger and thumb voyage through my wallet i found my wifes card and handed it out.

    Im willing to assume that soon people will realize how many card they are lugging around. When that happens they are going to get more selective as to which cards are worth the hassle. When that happens you may have to resort to tech cards or gift cards on the back to give you card the potential to stick with the recipient.

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