Workplace "Princesses" (and "Princes")

I read an article the other day about workplace "princesses/princes"- you know, those employees who think that they rule the place, can't take criticsm, are and just annoying. I know I have a few at my organization...everyone does. How do you deal with these people??


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  • You know, there are so many different personality types involved that it's hard to give one straight answer to your question.  But my experience with princesses/princes is that they will usually back down once someone stands up to them.  When I hear the terms prince and princess, I think of those who expect others to do their work for them, or consider themselves "above" certain types of work. If a co-worker  allows a princess or prince to take advantage of them, the prince/princess will capitalize on that weakness.

    I endured the aggravation of working with a "princess" for a few years, and I kick myself for not telling her "no" sooner.  As soon as I put my foot down, she couldn't have backed off any faster in terms of trying to pass off her grunt work on me.

     But not all of these types of people would react the same (some could get even more difficult once you challenge them) and of course, some have more pull within the workplace than others. What happens if the prince/princess acts the way he or she does because they have connections to those in higher levels of the company, etc? That really puts co-workers in a tough spot.

  • It's very difficult dealing with a prince/princess.  I generally treat them the same way that I treat everyone else.  When they realize I'm not jumping on their bandwagon, they generally back off. 
  • I have a long list of them where I work too.   It is time consuming and exhausting dealing with the issues surrounding the princesses and princes of our organization.  I treat everybody the same, it upsets the royalty in the company but I don't care.  I am fair, kind and professional with everybody and if the royalty in the group can't take it my thoughts are they can avoid me.   A nice glass of wine can't hurt either evey now and again.

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