Job Sharing

Has anyone had experience with job sharing arrangements? We are considering allowing job sharing for a manager position and I'm wondering what we should be concerned about? What we should hammer out at the beginning?


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  • We have had successful job sharing arrangements in packaging and in our office, but we've never done this arrangement with managers.

    Guess you would have to arrange for an overlap of two hours where both managers are in at the same time at least once a month to discuss performance reviews with employees. Or you could split tasks that must be done onsite--performance reviews to one manager, training to the other, etc..

  • We have two professional (exempt) women in our office who job share. This has worked pretty well - the only issue that really has come up is managing the communications that each job sharer has with other employees. It is hard for the job sharers to keep eachother informed as to the agreements and conversations that are made every day with other employees. In order to ease this situation, we have created a joint email account for the job sharers, and the job sharers have agreed that occasionally, a call home on non-work hours or a joint conference call is necessary to keep things running smoothly. So far, so good.
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