New positions and internal postings

I need your feedback.  I am torn with this situation.  I know I have to remain consistant with internal job postings, but what if a branch manager (banking) who was already partially in charge of our data warehouse systems was promoted to just a position with the data warehouse functions of the bank and a manager trainee was promoted to the branch manager position?  Do they need to be posted internally first?  The branch manager's position  is in the trainee's current branch. 


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  • Melissa: What is your stated policy on postings? It is a pain to post for jobs that seem a natural progression, but consistency is the key here. The safest course would be to post the jobs internally and to interview qualified candidates, etc.  The difficulty is in the reality of these situations where there may be internal pressures from management on the human resources department to “get it done” and not get bogged down in what may be viewed as unnecessary red tape.
  • I think there's not too much potential for a problem here.  Both employees were on track for the positions, so it's not like other employees are going to be surprised by the promotions.  I agree with hr410 that it's always better to be consistent, but it's just not always possible. I'm not sure how other employees might react if you post the positions after the promotions. Maybe they'll just think it's all a sham.

    Good luck with the situation!!

  • I do agree with the consistancy. 
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