Paid Days for Jury Duty

We're wondering how many paid days, on average, employers are allowing for employees who serve as jurors. We'd like to hear from you regarding how many paid days you allow.  It would also be helpful if you included your company size, industry, and the state you're from.


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  • Our company pays full-time and level 1 part-time employees their full wages -- minus any jury pay -- for up to 21 days of jury duty. Level 2 part-time employees and casual employees do not receive any jury-duty pay. We are a company of about 175 employees in Connecticut...
  • Our company is in the retail industry in Michigan--a few dozen employees total.  We've only had 2 people called to jury duty in the 3 years I've been here.  We don't have a policy in writing but we've paid both employees who missed time for whatever difference there was between what they got paid by the court and their regular pay. We haven't set a limit on how long we'd allow someone to miss work for this reason.  So long as the employee gives us proper notice, we think it's only right to treat them fairly when the circumstances are out of their hands & it's not of their own making.  (And we also figure the chances of multiple employees getting stuck serving for several weeks is pretty unlikely.)  I think such an approach creates loyalty.

  • We pay employees their regular rate of pay up to a maximum of 15 days, and thereafter they would be able to use accrued paid leave for additional time serving.  We have approximately 95 employees, in the nonprofit sector (legal) and we are located in Florida.



  • We pay our Employess thier regular rate for up to 21 days.  After 21 days they may use any accrued P.T.O. that they have available to them.  We have 28 Employees and are in the Architecture/Engineering industry.
  • Our employees are paid their full rate of pay for any time they serve as jurors.  We do not have a limit to the number of days they will be paid.  As long as they are serving and provide the documentation, the employee is paid for that time.  We do not deduct the amount paid for serving from their regular pay.  They get to keep the amount the receive from their service.  We are a small manufacturing company (42 employees) located in South Mississippi.
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