Anyone here using Paylocity? We're coming to the end of our rope with ADP.


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  • I have never heard of that company but we have had many problems with ADP and more recently Ceridian. We are looking at Paychex. They sounded good but they all do until you sign up.
  • I haven't used Paylocity. We are currently on ADP PayForce and it is a little better than when we were on ADP PCPW.

    When we were fed up with ADP a couple of years ago we tried Paychex with one of our companies. We thought we would convert one company at a time and glad we did. It was rough. Their system is not sophisticated enough for us and it took a lot longer to process payroll because of all the extra steps we had to do. We stuck it out for a year and I was amazed when we went back to ADP how easy and how much quicker it was to process a payroll.

    Good luck in your decision. It's never an easy process.

  • We also use Paychex. I'm satisfied with them. Didn't care for their timekeeping piece, but the payroll processing has been fine.
  • We've been on Paylocity for almost a year and are very satisfied. We dumped ADP first, then went through a horrible experience with another payroll company before landing with Paylocity. Implementation is never easy, but they did an excellent job managing the project, and we're a quirky company
    I can answer general questions, are can put you or someone in touch with my Payroll person for more specific questions.
  • We converted to Paylocity this year (Web Pay, Web Time, & Web Benefits). It has been quite an improvement over Paychex, which we had everything with previously. At other companies, I've been involved in other conversions from ADP as well. My best advice to you is to get your security roles defined early and make sure you can get all your data out into an Excel format for conversion and push on your implementation consultant to get you fully sorted out before switching you to ongoing account management. We didn't and are still doing some cleanup here and there bc we couldn't get what we needed out of Paychex in the formats we needed.
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