FMLA Question

I have an employee that has a child that will have a procedure done (not sure yet if it is in the hospital or as an outpatient) appears it will cause her to be out for 1 day. Does this automatically qualify her for FMLA when it is only for 1 day due to the procedure being done in hospital or as an outpatient?

Just curious on how others would handle this. Thanks


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  • Using the official definition of a serious health condition [I]("a[/I] [I]condition that involves either an overnight stay in a medical care facility, or continuing treatment by a health care provider. The continuing treatment requirement may be met by a period of incapacity of more than 3 consecutive calendar days combined with at least two visits to a health care provider or one visit and a regimen of continuing[/I] [I]treatment"),[/I] if the child was not admitted to the hospital overnight, we would not consider one day off for a child's medical procedure as FMLA leave.
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