Time off - exempt employees

Our company is in the private sector and therefore "comp" time does not apply.
We have a number of exempt employees who may work extra hours on some days and then take off early on another day for a medical appointment or personal reason.
At this time, on those days when they "leave early" we are charging their time to a leave bank, i.e., vacation or sick leave and they receive their normal salary.

Does anyone have a policy or procedure with respect to exempt employees using time off that is not charged to a leave bank?


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  • Your first post! Welcome to the forum! :welcome:

    Currently our policy is exempt employees are charged 8 hours from their PTO bank when they take a full day off, and nothing when they take a partial day. Exempt employees are paid for a job, not their time, so we never charge the PTO bank for partial days. A partial day is any day an employee works 15 minutes or more in one sitting. That means an exempt employee can run in and get something handled quickly and then leave and it still not count as a day worked. (Usually that just refers to myself or my boss.)
  • Our policy is the same as Nae except we consider a partial day 4hours
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