Where to File the Salary Offer Working Documents?

Where do you file/keep your HR back up documentation for approved salary offers? We place the official offer letter in the new hire's personnel file. What I am asking about is the equity analysis review and the signatures that approve the salary offer. Do you keep these working documents and if so, where and for how long?

Just curious as I have years worth of salary offer rationale paperwork and am running out of space. Is everyone scanning most of this now?


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  • I would keep anything that applies to the person hired (personnel authorization form, etc.) in their personnel file.

    I would keep anything that relates to the position (approval to post new position, etc.) in the recruiting/position file.

  • We recently had a payroll audit and were asked this same question. All our documentation on approvals is pretty much done via e-mail, so the auditor ended up asking one of us to sit at a computer and pull emails where people approved a hire/salary.

    For the purposes of the audit, it worked, but the auditor mentioned it would probably be best if we printed these out and kept it in the employee file or a separate recruiting file that's kept confidential.

    Hope that helps!
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