Show your love for Employers' Counsel Network blogs in ABA contest.

Greetings, all!

We are pleased to announce that the editors of the ABA Journal have nominated FOUR blogs written by HRHero's own Employers Counsel Network (ECN) in the [url=]annual Blawg 100 contest.[/url]

If you are so inclined, we would like to encourage you to register (a quick and easy process) and cast your votes for your favorite law blogs. (You can vote for up to 12 blogs.)

The ECN blogs that are nominated are as follows:

First, in the "Fun" category, please cast your ballot for perennial favorite "That's What She Said" [url][/url] -- written by a team of attorneys at Ford & Harrison about the employment law foibles featured on the TV show [I]The Office[/I]. This blog came in second overall for total votes cast among all 100 blogs in last year's contest, as well as second in the "Fun" category. We'd love to top that record from last year with a first-place trophy!

In the "Labor and Employment" category, please check out:

-- Blawg 100 newcomer "Arizoneout" [url][/url] -- a new medical marijuana legal blog written by Arizona Employment Law Letter editor Dinita James, also with Ford and Harrison, in Phoenix;

-- Blawg 100 stalwart "Delaware Employment Law Blog" [url][/url] -- led by Molly DiBianca with contributions from other Young Conaway attorneys, who also write Delaware Employment Law Letter; and

-- Category defending champion "Work Matters" [url][/url] -- written by Texas Employment Law Letter editor Mike Maslanka with Constangy, Brooks & Smith in Dallas.

Never fear -- you can vote more than once in the same category, so you don't have to choose among Dinita, Molly, and Mike. Polls close at the end of business on Dec. 30. Again, the contest is available at [url][/url].

Thanks so much for your support of these great blogs!


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  • Today (12/30) is the last day you can vote. Please follow the link in Holly's note and cast your ballots for our four Employers Counsel Network-connected blogs **==

    And Happy New Year to everyone!::pb&J::
  • Thanks to all of you who voted in the ABA Journal's Blawg 100 contest. The results are in, and it's time to hand out some congratulations:

    -- [I]Texas Employment Law Letter[/I] editor Mike Maslanka continued his dominance of the "Labor and Employment" category with another first-place finish. Check out his "Work Matters" blog at [URL][/URL]. Mike is with Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP, in Dallas.

    -- For the second year in a row, "That's What She Said" captured the silver medal in the "For Fun" category. As you may know, this weekly blog focuses on the employment law shenanigans that play out on the TV show "The Office." It's written by a team of attorneys with Ford & Harrison LLP, a national law firm that also writes and edits [I]Arizona Employment Law Letter, Georgia Employment Law Lette[/I]r, and [I]Illinois Employment Law Letter[/I]. After a few holiday weeks of reruns, we're expecting a new episode to run tonight. Each Friday morning, you can check to see what the F&H attorneys have to say about the latest episode at [URL=""][/URL]

    -- Also racking up significant votes in the "Labor and Employment" category was the "Delaware Employment Law Blog" [URL][/URL] -- led by Molly DiBianca with contributions from other Young Conaway attorneys, who also write [I]Delaware Employment Law Letter[/I]. The firm's main office is in Wilmington.

    -- Blawg 100 first-timer "Arizoneout" [URL][/URL] did well, too, in the same category. This new medical marijuana blog is written by Phoenix employment law attorney attorney Dinita James, who also edits and contributes to the aforementioned [I]Arizona Employment Law Letter[/I]. You can see the full results at [URL=""][/URL].

    We feel lucky to know and work with such an interesting, thoughtful, and creative bunch of employment law professionals. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to learn more about the attorneys who write your state Employment Law Letter (and who also write manual chapters and other publications and lead webinars, Master Classes, and other live events), go to [URL=""][/URL] and click on your state. tk
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