Exempt or Nonexempt?

We are a non-profit employer in Missouri who employs people to work with clients in their homes or in the community. We need guidance if employees should be exempt or non-exempt based on the Administrative Exemption. Employees meet the $455 per week requirement. The question is rather they meet the other two requirements. They do not supervise other staff but they do have flexibility with how they manage and when they manage their clients or the volunteers. Your responses are appreciated.


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  • In a similar situation, our employees were non-exempt..
    I think it is shaky to go for exempt. .
    "the administrative exemption is designed for relatively high level employees whose main job is to keep the business running" . . ."must be for matters of significance" (tho significance is not clearly defined to me) Other questions "does the employee have the authority to deviate from company policy without prior approval?" "does employee formualte or interpret company policies?"

    Your positions sound like case managers ? and while they have flexibility and some independance in managing their clients, it is not my understanding they would be meet the criteria as described above.. .
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