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I am currently in the process of revising our current Harassment and/or Discrimination Policy. I normally brief on the new policy or policy change during an employee meeting, distribute the written policy and obtain signatures from each employee indicated they have read and received the policy or change in policy. I am curious how the rest of you handle communicating a new policy to your employees and would like to confirm my procedures are the correct way of handling. Also, my current policy is three pages long, would you recommend I read it word for word or just share the highlights of the policy. As always, I appreciate your advise.


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  • We do much the same as you, except we roll out new policies or changes during manager meetings and go over the entire policy. We follow up with an e-copy to the manager. The managers are expected to cover the changes with their employees. They have the option of calling meetings or handling individually, but every employee is required to sign a receipt and acknowledgment.
  • We follow the same procedure - hold a meeting (employee or manager, depending on # of employees), distribute policy with or without a synopsis, obtain signatures.

    I noticed your post applies to Harassment & Discrimination training. I'm not sure where you're located, but your state may have more restrictive instructions when it comes to this sort of training (i.e. California).
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