Nurse Practitioner - Pay - Exempt Employee

Hi All:

I was wondering if someone may know the answer to this.

I have a Nurse Practitioner that works 40 hours per week for us as an exempt salaried employee. She starting working 20 hours per week in another department in our company. So, do I need to pay her overtime if she is performing the same scope of work, but in another department?



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  • First of all, you need to be absolutely certain both positions are exempt under the FLSA. If they are, you do not have to pay overtime. If one is and the other isn't, you may be jeopardizing the exempt status and in that case would be required to pay OT. I'm curious, if both are salaried exempt, are you requiring the employee to report hours worked? Our salaried exempt employees are paid a stated amount each pay period regardless of whether they worked 35 hours or 65 hours in that pay period.
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