Sexual Harassment

I was curious how everyone else handles their internal training for Sexual Harassment. Do you provide training? How often and what are your procedures? I would appreciate you ideas and recommendations. Thank you!


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  • For non-management staff, our safety/training department does annual training. Our Safety Director has developed a nice training program. For management and executive level staff, we do annual training utilizing an outside source. Our local career tech provides this type of service. We also utilize programs presented locally that are sponsored by our local SHRM chapter, chamber of commerce and/or the manufacturer's alliance.
  • We have one supervisor who is in California (insert groan), so unfortunately we have to do the whole CA-approved harassment training regime. We actually recently purchased the M. Lee Smith "Stop Sexual Harassment" training program, and were pretty impressed with it. Between those training materials and some required content we need to come up with on our own, it's a pretty comprehensive program. We'll probably do our 1st CA-approved annual training late in Q4, then annually after that.
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