Recruiting in 2011 - A New Ballgame

"A massive network of employment Web sites - where any company can list job openings for free - launched this week over the protests of newspapers and online recruitment companies, who fear billions of dollars in lost revenue."

The above is the intro to a story. Seems the big recruiting engines like CareerBuilder and are not happy about this new endeavor from a former president.

It just may turn the recruiting industry inside out.

Check out the article at: [URL=""]Washington Post[/URL]

What are your recruiting plans for this year? Would you use a free job board to find qualified talent?



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  • Those who work in the industry by helping employers find good hires and help the unemployed find good jobs should be paid for their service. If that includes posting jobs, that's ok too.

    However, in general I believe any job opening should be posted for free, and should be freely accessed by those looking for work. After all, lots of those looking for work are doing so because they are unemployed. Besides, isn't a free posting available to most employers in one way or another anyway? I know in Kansas we can post jobs for free with the agency that handles unemployment. I can also post on our local SHRM website and other places as well. I have not paid to post a job opening in years. This sounds like more of the same, and/or perhaps, a way to merge them all into one place.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • I haven't heard much about these .jobs websites, but I would be interested in learning more. For the types of jobs we offer, free boards like the unemployment division's job board don't target the demographic we're looking for, so we often pay through the nose each year for job postings on Monster, Dice, local newspapers, Craigslist, etc.

    I would definitely give the free boards a chance if quality candidates are perusing those job boards.
  • The emphasis of the article is on "free" job postings, and that and the others could be impacted. However, I"m guessing that many of these websites will have paid advertising and/or payments for placement at the top fo the page, on the first page, etc.

    It's a different revenue model than Monster, and it may be free to employers posting jobs, but money is still being earned for the service. Captialism is alive and well.

    HR Hat
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