Firefighter/paramedic ADA

A firefighter/Paramedic suffers from seizures and has been on FMLA and leave is exhausted. The employee has been on light duty for 1-month and all other leave has been exhausted. His medical care providers have not released him back to duty, nor is he anticipated to be released. Medical care providers have stated he can not drive, lift, climb, operate machinary. All of which are primary duties of a Firefighter. He has asked for a letter of termiantion and I anticipate a ADA claim of some sort. I believe we are covered from an ADA standpoint. Thoughts?


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  • Can he continue on light duty? You didn't mention working with him through the interactive ADA process, but I assume you are doing so based on your information. It sounds like you have all your bases covered (unless I assumed wrong on the ADA interactive process.)
  • As Nae advised, ensure you have gone through the interactive process and adherred to ADA. Also, I am assuming that you are a public employer. So, even though the employee is requesting termination, I would go through all of the due process requirements (and just cause requirements if you have a union agreement).
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