pregnancy and FMLA

Perhaps I just need to vent but this situation is very frustrating.

The first day back to work in January, employee calls off work. The next day she tells me she's pregnant and had morning sickness. I give her the FMLA cert. and she returns it. The cert states the employee needs time off for morning sickness during her first tri-mester (I calculate December, January, and February) and doctor appointments.

The employee has now called off for the past eight days citing FMLA. My intention is to recertify the beginning of March. there anything I can do now? As someone who had morning sickness for nine months while pregnant I can understand - but eight full days?! We have also had other issues with this employee and I do believe she is abusing the leave.

Whenever I send attendance sheets along with certifications asking the doctor if the need for leave is consistent with the serious health condition, my requests get ignored. It's very frustrating. I am at my wit's end with all the employees who abuse FMLA and that there is nothing we can do about it. Thank you for listening.


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