Intermittent FMLA

If an ee has been approved for intermittent leave for migrane headaches for up to three x's a month. What happens when they have more than the three x's a month and they provide a note from their doctor stating that it is due to their migrane headaches each time?


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  • I have never heard of a diagnosis that limits migraine headaches to so many times per month. I wonder if the wording is a little wrong, and the doctor meant they would average about 3 times per month or something similar?

    I also don't believe you can require a doctor's note each time. If the paperwork says they have migraines, then they have migraines and you have to accept intermittant leave. If the paperwork indicated it would be 'up to' 3 times per month, then the employee needs to get their certification adjusted.

    Hope this helps.

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