A Whole New Meaning for Bad Employee

We've all seen our share of bad employees, but the crew described in the link below give it a whole new meaning.



PS: Take a moment and share a description of the worst employee you've ever had the misfortune to work with.



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  • You mean besides the obvious (theft, physical threats, drinking on the job, and sexual harrassment)?
  • They may not be worse than those you mentioned, but numbers 5 and 8 shown on the link were particularly disturbing. Number 3 is in a class all by himself.

  • In the early '90s, we caught an IT employee running a porn site from a company server. The problem was discovered when the registration renewal for his domain name came to his work address. During the termination session, the employee claimed he had planted a trojan horse in the system and our customer database would be destroyed unless he removed it. Despite HR's protests, IT, Finance and Legal all caved to his extortion demands. We ended up paying him severance, and (more important to him) gave him the server so he could continue to run the website from another location (probably his next employer).

    I wanted to call his bluff and have him charged with extortion, but I don't think that option was ever seriously considered.

    Only a few years later, the same department was involved in a sex-for-computers scheme and one of the young ladies working there killed herself. Earlier in my tenure there, one of their employees got sent home early for napping, caught his wife and her boyfriend, and shot them.

    IT people are just whacked out.
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