Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander?

I read an article (link below) that talks about how more and more men are looking for flexibility in their jobs in order to be more involved with their children. It made me curious about whether forum members are seeing more of this these days.

As HR professionals, have you noticed an uptick in requests from men for time off or more flexible schedules? If so, how are men using the time away from work?




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  • Excellent article! Thanks for the link.

    We only have 2 men working here, but both are involved with their children. One has worked here for awhile and uses his vacation time as a Scout leader. The other just started, but the way he talks about his son you can tell that he is very involved.

    I am very happy to see more men engaged with their children. Personally, I think it is great when a guy wants FMLA for bonding time. I believe society will be greatly improved by this trend.
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